Continuing Education

HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION® on-demand access ended on July 1st, 2021. But there is good news! If you wish to continue accessing the 40+ sessions that took place with 100+ speakers from Bank of America, Royal Caribbean, Mercer, Aon, Boeing, and others from the virtual conference on May 17-19, you can do so by becoming a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® (CCWS) and access the Continuing Education (credits available for SHRM and HRCI).


All the Continuing Education sessions are structured around our 3 moonshots. These moonshots, that were launched during the 13th HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION® Conference, are a 5-year mission.


Moonshot #1​

Reduce employer healthcare and benefits costs by 25% by 2025.​


Moonshot #2​

Reimagine engagement and well-being.


Moonshot #3

Provide 40% of healthcare services virtually and through technology by 2025.​


Our 13th annual event was a huge success. It brought together more than 2,400 professionals committed to reducing costs, reimagining culture, and revolutionizing care. Over 100 speakers convened to discuss topics across more than 30 sessions. Registration was made free for the first time ever, thanks to 32 sponsors committed to the healthcare revolution. But if you missed it, you can still access the recorded content via continuing education with the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist program.