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    Corporate Wellness Certification


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An increasing number of employers and corporations focus on employee health and wellness to get their employees and plan members to engage in healthy behavior as a way to reduce healthcare and health insurance costs. In turn, an increasing amount of employers are looking for human resources and benefits professionals with experience in employee health and wellness programs. This need will increase as more employers expand their wellness programs. Every corporate culture is different; therefore, wellness programs must be uniquely created for each specific corporate culture.

The Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® is a certification of expertise offered by the Corporate Health & Wellness Association (CHWA). The certification requires 10 Modules of training/classes and can be completed either live in-person at a CHWA event or online.

In order to maintain certification after the required training, Certified Corporate Wellness Specialists® must complete five hours per year of continuing education credits to stay up-to-date with industry best-practices and standards.

Who Will Benefit from this Certification?

  • HR/Benefits Directors or Wellness Managers
  • Agents, Brokers and Consultants
  • Insurance/Healthcare Industry Professionals

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®

Becoming a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® provides you with a competitive edge in the industry by demonstrating to employers and colleagues that you:

  • Possess the training and knowledge to successfully implement and manage a wellness program
  • Understand best practices in wellness programs
  • Comprehend the different types of wellness programs and learn how to tailor one to  meet the needs of your specific corporate culture
  • Demonstrate that you are up to date with current best practices on an ongoing basis through continuing education credits required for re-certification
  • Possess the qualifications and abilities for job promotion and career enhancement

Benefits for Employers/Corporations:

By requiring or covering the cost of certification for your HR staff, you are ensuring that your staff has the most updated wellness policies and that best practices are implemented for your employees. Certified wellness  staff can help your organization maintain a competitive edge through lower healthcare costs and a better bottom line due to employee engagement in their health and wellness.

  • Staying healthy
  • Reducing absences
  • Happier employees
  • Lower healthcare/insurance costs

The CHWA provides the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® designation to professionals who:

  • Pass an online 100 question exam
  • Meet educational requirements
  • Update their wellness credentials through continuing education credits in order to maintain the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® designation

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® Program Benefits Are:

  • Learn best-practices from some of the most successful corporate wellness programs
  • Discover different types of wellness programs available to employers
  • Identify wellness programs best-suited for specific corporate cultures
  • Gain knowledge about ways to communicate a wellness program to employees and plan members
  • Learn innovative methods for motivating and engaging employees and plan members
  • Calculate ROI in wellness
  • Utilize social media and gaming in wellness

1. Register:

2. Read: Engaging Wellness: Corporate Wellness Programs that Work

Our comprehensive industry textbook, “Engaging Wellness,” as part of the certification curriculum.

  • Price of certification does not include textbook fee
  • Purchase print copy for $80 or digital textbook for $35
  • Book accounts for roughly 35 percent of the exam questions and is mandatory to pass

3. Take

10 modules of online education and pass the 100 multiple choice question exam within 65 days of beginning the course.

  • Participants will be given two opportunities to pass the exam before paying a re-examination fee of $200
  • A grade of 75 percent or higher is required.



Re-certification Policy

  • Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® Certification expires two years after date of issue
  • 10 Modules of continuing education required per (two year) re-certification period
  • Annual fee of $100 to access online continuing education resources
  • $200 re-certification fee due two years after date of issue which includes the annual fee mentioned above.